With the last day of 2012. project Eco Echo finished its realization. The aim of project was to inform and educate public about enviromental problems on local, regional and national level and to motivate public on active participation in solving this problems.
Project was financed by National Foundation for Civil Society Development.
Project had a multimedia approach:
– broadcasting of 15 minute radio show on radio Mrežnica and published on free web radio station: STANICA M.I.R.
– column “Little Green Corner” on website Kaportal

During project a 30 radio shows were broadcasted. Listeners could ask questions about environment and nature protection. With this project a total number of calls on Green Phone line was 2 and half time increased.



Green Action presented “Small projects for big changes” initiative, financed by EU and European Climate Foundation. Several initiatives from Croatia are chosen, among them project “Save the trees!” (“Bicikl stablo čuva”) by Environmental Association Pan-Karlovac. Project will start in spring of 2013. when of streets of Karlovac will be a bicycle specially designed for collecting old paper. By this project old and used paper will be collected from organizations, offices, companies and households, with aim to support a public need for sustainable waste management. This project is developed according to a positive example of NGO Uzor from Koprivnica,


Works on Eco Pan future permaculture centre continued. Last lines of car tires for earthship are close to be finished and orchard is planted. There are: cherry, plum, and peer trees, currants and aronia. Works will continue until the first snow. How it all looks, you can see in our small gallery.

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In Youth’s Centre Gaza (Struga 1, Karlovac), a new exhibition is opened. Around 50 photographies represent 8 years of flea market, organized by Eko Pan and Domachi.
Exhibition is possible to see every working day from 9am until 4 pm and during activities and workshops in the Centre.

I have, I give – Im OK market is for trading, exhchanging and giving away second hand and hand-made things. It used to be organised on seasonal level, but from this year it became a regular monthly activity of the Centre. In a year 2013. we plan to start with thematic markets.

Thank you all, who support this small project.


In cooperation with City quarter Dubovac, Karlovačka Pivovara, Čistoća and Eko Pan, a very successfull volunteering action of removing a wild deponium was realized. Ten volunteers worked togehter and collected over 5m3 of waist. With this action, an intiative of corporative volunteering started and will continue during regularly during next year.


On Saturday, October 13th, in Youth’s Centre Gaza (Struga 1, Karlovac), from 9 AM till 1 PM will be a new edition of I have, I give, I’m OK! flea and hand made market. Market is for buying, selling, exchanging and giving away second hand and hand made things.

All participants, please bring your own tables or cloth for things you want to sell and give.

Come and join us! Rational shopping is nature friendly!


On Saturday, October 13th, from 9 AM, on Strmac, part of quarter Dubovac, will be a voluntary action of wild deponium cleaning. This action started on initiative of Karlovačka Brewery, in cooperation with Environmental Association Pan-Karlovac and City quarter Dubovac. Volunteers will meet at 9 AM in front of caffe bar Mirni kut. In case of strong raining, action will be delayed for another weekend.

Eco Pan joined to action with pleasure; because it is a postive contribution to a local community. This is a beginning of new and useful form of cooperation between private and civil sector with local community. This activites will continue in following months and hereby we would like to invite other city quarters to join the action.

Corporate volunteering is very important, because it encourages sustainability and connection with local community. Eco Pan hopes that intiative of Karlovačka Brewery will be a nice and motivating example to others.